a little star was born

The year is 2013, I'm a senior in high school, and Hoku Lii Hawaii was just a mere daydream. Truthfully my inspiration for HLH came from Tumblr. Like most of my friends, I found myself endlessly scrolling through thousands of beautiful images daily. I was particularly drawn to Hawaii creatives and the enthusiasm they had for their creative projects. I used to long for a creative project of my own and boy, did that feel like a galaxy away.

It wasn't until I finished my bachelor’s degree, and gained a little more life experience, that my stars seemed to align. No matter what I did I couldn't ignore the creative calling that was on my heart. I answered that call in October 2016. And that my friends was when a little star was born.

The literal meaning of Hoku Lii is little star. When pressed to put a name to the business, I chose to go with something that felt both inspiring and familiar. While the familiarity could simply be drawn from my love for astrology, I like to think it has something to do with me being named after the sun. Although it may be a beautiful, but large star, in our solar system, it's actually a small star in comparison to everything else in our universe. 

There is also a poetry behind the name and it speaks to those “little stars” pursuing their passion projects. I like to think that the name has inspired a sense of community. From the designers and the writers to the makers and creators, we all make up a galaxy of little, but bright, stars working to help each other shine even brighter.

Behind HLH is me, Kamehana Lee, a hard working twenty-something year old. I'm a visionary that works to create the brand that I always wished existed. I created a line based on practical, easy going garments that carry a positive message and an overall good feeling when worn. I wanted to create something that was reachable for just about anyone. HLH is the fusion of an island-inspired boutique look with an everyday practicality.

So, hiya! If you've ever talked to me in real-life you know that's my greeting of choice. Although I've formally introduced myself as Kamehana Lee, I've been affectionately nicknamed Kame. I personally love the nickname because it's my Madonna moment. It's one name and when most people hear it, they know it's me. Don't get me wrong though, I'm extremely camera shy and this is as close as I'm going to get to the spotlight.

As a Hawaii native, I am inspired by glassy ocean waters of the deepest blue, the lush tropical jungles of my island home, and the warmth of the sun in the late afternoon. I live for a perfectly brewed iced tea to sip on during my favorite time of day, dusk. I am drawn to simple, clean, and minimalistic designs that translate into what you see in HLH today.

This space is dedicated to giving you an authentic look into my life as a creative soul, as well as the business that brought you here today. I love connecting so if you need anything along the way, get in touch.

All My Love,


Shelby Sides