why events are important to me

Ever since my little star was born, I have had the pleasure of connecting with more amazing souls than I ever imagined. By nature, I am a private person and most of you have gotten to know me through HLH products but rarely in-person. This digital era that we live in makes it incredibly easy for me to stick to the behind the scenes, but I have been making a conscious effort to show up more for you - the community.

Events are important to me because they are my way of connecting with you. I truly love meeting those who support HLH. This business has always been about serving and seeing each of your wonderful faces reminds me exactly why I am doing this in the first place. It is humbling and eye-opening listening to what you love, what you wish HLH had, and the moments you experienced in your HLH tees. So with each pop up event, I am inviting you little stars to have a chat with me - Kamehana Lee.

Let’s Shine Bright Together,


Kamehana Lee